I see you, Lightfoot Dancer 
like Sufi kicking leg above head 
you're a lense of fade and an arcane blondestreak 
God gave you the garden, I just said "Bravo!" 

All your tourists they mixed rock and roll up with politics 
and got snakebit to deathshock by Boyhood Folly 
"ahh love, all love, its the Last Thing of All," 
while rolled in the midnight throes of regret I swore, 

"my awful memory swirls in disarray, 
fingers from the mirror slowly curl around my neck 
I load my veins and go fuck a magazine, 
I've got nothing left to hold onto" 

Now I was pleading with God upon the Island of Man 
When up from the Earth comes a door with two hands 
it had a blue pill in the left, red pill in the right 
muttered something about something but I just popped em both at the same time 
Into the Rotting Kingdom I went for a drive 
cried "Goodbye, Dreamer!" and was gone by dawn 
o, what a rotten film that is my life 
All i can think is how delusional, forced, arrogant... eck, gah, whatever 

Big phantom cruelties all hiss at disarray 
I screamed FREEDUMB!! and I gave up everything 
They called it Truth, but hey, the Truth is just a house 
A parasitic wind has kissed me on the mouth, 
"out from the alley and into the streets," as it were... 
Oh the machine that has brought my many deaths 
sits on a cold throne made of spine 
Now I for one seek freedom in death 
You've got it all when youve got nothing left 
what are you here for? I'm here to go 
just leave your Self at the door...