“ WHO AM I?? ” is the cri de cœur of HECK.

Composed between 2016-2018, the third studio album by Los Angeles-based WELCOME TO HECK is a romantic incantation from dark night of the soul. WHO AM I?? fuses its aesthetic from the lexicon of early rock & roll, 1970s No-Wave Punk, textural avant-garde, and the wild prose of American Beat poets. HECK makes a statement of gender fluidity and protests materialism and decadence within the raw and rubbed-wrong confines of tape format recording.

Available 4.27.19 to and from, of all and forevermore, the great streamer platformants and radiophite sites today and NOW! for your perennial entertainment.


Episodic hallucinations of slink, Black Death Dragon Sahara, Salah, his father, Eve, Danielle, Arrakis, Hashish mind deconstruct into sea of Chefchaouen-blue vistas, ultimate sad death, being for non-being --
manic moonlit management of traces: Deerhoof, MBV, Koji Kondo, Waiqueys, quarter tones, Huachuma, Pitusiray, 23 enigma, midnight Tangier streets, Berber markets, dark-eyed Moroccan boys strumming cave wisdoms atop Alhambra, Om! Great Thunderbolt I'm Dark Void mounting Pachamama -- created during period of world wanderings 2015-2017.